Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up Voice Choice?

1) Install Google Voice app

2) Choose Google Voice setting called “Use Google Voice for all calls”.

3) Launch Voice Choice

4) Choose which contacts groups you want to call directly (with your cell number, not your Google Voice number)

5) Add numbers to your list that you want to call directly

6) Add number patterns to be matched to dialed numbers that you want to call directly

7) Call a filtered number and Google Voice will not be allowed to make the call

8) Call a non-filtered number and Google Voice will make the call

*See settings to reverse the behavior if you want to call numbers on your list *with* Google Voice, and all others directly.

How does the texting feature work?

1. Go to Voice Choice settings and choose your favorite texting app (to be used when not using Google Voice).

2. Choose your favorite way to initiate a text message (from without a text messaging app)

3. You’ll get a list of texting apps. Choose Voice Choice.

4. Voice Choice will either launch your favorite texting app(that you set up in Voice Choice settings) or Google Voice, depending on the number you are sending to.

I have Sprint and the app doesn't seem to work...

Voice Choice cannot work with Sprint’s Google Voice integration turned on. You can turn it off by:

  1. Log into your Google Voice account (from your desktop) and click disable (or similar) next to “Sprint Google Voice”.
  2. Uninstall and re-install your Google Voice Android app.
  3. Launch Google Voice and make sure to choose “Skip” during the set up so that it doesn’t turn the integration back on.
  4. Let us know if this did/didn’t work for you. (We don’t have Sprint but we’ve been told this is how to do it…)

I’m trying to use Dial Through Google Voice but it just goes to my voicemail greeting...

1) Go to (not on your mobile phone)

2) Go to settings

3) Find your mobile number and click the edit button underneath it

4) Click Advanced Settings

5) Under Voicemail Access choose Yes

6) It’s up to you whether you choose Pin required or Pin not required

7) Make sure if you choose Pin required that you enter it into the Voice Choice settings

How can I get the latest version of Voice Choice and help make it better?

Here are instructions for joining the Voice Choice beta testers group:

  1. Join our community or Google Group

  2. Follow instructions here

  3. Post on the Community or Google Group to tell us what you think